Carl Thomas Paints A Picture Of Paradise In ‘One With Heaven’

With the nostalgia for '90s-era R&B at an all-time high, anyone from the time not attempting a comeback (or at least a resurgence) would be pretty foolish. It's no surprise, then, that many stars from then are putting out new music. Now we can count crooner Carl Thomas among them. Outside of his collaboration with Mike City, we haven't heard much from the "I Wish" crooner since 2011's Conquer, but it looks like his performance with friend and former labelmate Faith Evans at last year's Soul Train Awards stirred up calls for him to come back on the scene. He heard them and obliges with the release of his new single and video "One With Heaven."

The song, which appears to be a one-off track, is a different sound for Carl. It finds him blending a more international sound into his trademark R&B, which we must say actually works for him. It also helps that the song is all about finding a paradise where all is filled with love. For the accompanying video, Carl takes to nature as he walks among what appears to be mountains, deserts, valleys and streams. The visuals, especially the vibrant blue skies and breathtaking views, show the peace and tranquility that he sings of in the lyrics, emphasizing that we can have a little bit of heaven right here on earth.

Is Carl's new single a harbinger of new music to come? The singer has neither confirmed or denied those claims. So for now, we'll just have to watch the clip for "One With Heaven" below and wonder what might be coming next.

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