Get A First-Person View Of What It’s Like When Tank Does You ‘Dirty’

After he dropped his latest single "Dirty" last week, many Tank fans were fantasizing about what they would do during a one-on-one session with the R&B crooner. Well, wonder no more as the singer gives us a first-person view in the song's just-released music video.

The clip opens by putting us in the high-heeled shoes of an attractive lawyer winding down at a bar. Sitting down to a drink, she turns to see dirty boy Tank on her right giving her the look and the two begin flirting the night away. Things of course escalate and she takes the R&B bad boy back to her place for a sex session she won't soon forget. A lot of things go down in first person, including the leading lady unbuttoning Tank's jeans and then the camera moving forward and back as we get a view of the singer's lower abdomen and more than a few shots of the top of Tank's head (if you know what we mean). After the deed is done, the lawyer awakens to Tank going through her files and a couple goons entering the bedroom. What the hell is going on? Before we can find out, Tank blindfolds her and us and "to be continued..." is flashed across the screen.

What's coming next? Only Tank knows. Get in on the steamy first act before the next chapter when you watch "Dirty" below.