Discover A Lost Jazz Pioneer In The Trailer For ‘Bolden’

As we celebrate Black History Month, we try to remember and honor all those who have paved the way. However, the legacy and impact of some pioneers sometimes gets lost. Such was the case of famed musician Buddy Bolden. Sometimes called the "founder-father" of jazz, Bolden's often cited as a direct inspiration to greats like Louis Armstrong though many don't know the musician's story. Thankfully, that will soon change with the release of the upcoming film Bolden.

Bolden takes us back to the turn of the 20th century to tell the story of Buddy's rise to prominence in the New Orleans jazz world and the tragic trajectory his life took, eventually leading to him being committed to a mental asylum in 1907 and dying there in obscurity 24 years later. Gary Carr takes on the role of the trumpeter whose unique style earned him the reputation as the King of New Orleans jazz, while Yaya Dacosta plays his wife Nora. The film also features music written, arranged and performed by jazz legend Wynton Marsalis, who also takes on the role of executive producer for the film. "Many mythologies have a hero that comes from the bottom of whatever the social construct is, because that puts people more in touch with their humanity and takes them out of their system," Marsalis told USA TODAY. "He created a coherent soul. He had a virtuosity of putting together the feeling of the church and the marches."

Bolden — which also stars Reno WilsonIan McMShane and Erik LaRay Harvey — will arrive in theaters on May 3rd and the film's soundtrack will be released on April 19th.

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