Danielle Brooks Celebrates Being A ‘Black Woman’

Danielle Brooks surprised us at the top of the month when she dropped her new single "Black Woman" in our laps. Now the Orange Is The New Black star has released the music video, also during Black History Month and in preparation for Women's History Month, to celebrate the complexities of being a Black woman in America. We get to experience Danielle's velvety smooth voice and beautiful brown skin in the striking visual.

Submerged in a bathtub of water while dressed in a stunning gold gown, Danielle, whose makeup and bronzer is flawless by the way, emotionally sings, "You want my thighs, you my stride / But not this melanin / You want my hair / But you don't care for this complexion / I'm a black woman." At one point in the video, the songstress stops singing the empowering anthem as tears stream down her face. All she can do is cry, shedding the pain she feels from the burden of constantly defending her being.

A proponent of body positivity, Ms. Brooks isn't new to this, she's true to this. Remember EBONY's 2016 "Women Up!" cover featuring 'The Body Brigade?" We can't wait to see what positive messages Danielle has in store for us next. In the meantime, celebrate womanhood and melanin when you watch Danielle Brooks' new video for "Black Woman."



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