Mahalia Is Reclaiming Her Time In ‘Do Not Disturb’

It seems that in 2019, ladies are done with putting up with the utter trifeness (yes, it required that we make up a word) of fellas who do nothing but waste their time. You can add UK songstress Mahalia to the growing list of ladies reclaiming their time with the release of her latest single and video "Do Not Disturb."

Mahalia takes a decidedly '90s approach for the song, which features piano chords and bursts of strings over drums that seem lifted from a dance record. The juxtaposition of this plays well with the singer delivering a harsh kiss off with her sweet-voiced verses and chorus. She's quiet and direct on the verse, offering an almost-whisper as she lists her former lover's crimes. However, she almost chirps on the chorus as she offers her final verdict. "This time, this time I won't hold the line / Been givin' you time that you do not deserve," she sings. "No, you're not mine, you just pretend to be / Don't need you tempting me with your alerts / Do not disturb."

Though she has a few scenes with groups of people, the video for the track is mostly a solo show for Mahalia. She dons several outfits, though she mainly sticks with a bright orange one that pairs an oversized tee with spandex biking shorts, once again nodding to the '90s without being super obvious. Most importantly, though, she sports a confidence in her talent and ability to keep our attention that bodes well for her future.

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