Sunni Colón Brings The Sunshine On ‘Morning Dew’ For ‘COLORS’

For those of us braving Mother Nature’s moods in the U.S., singer/songwriter Sunni Colón gifts fans with a heaping dose of sonic sunshine from across the Atlantic. He stopped through the Berlin-based COLORS studio to sing his track “Morning Dew” in a performance that exudes the warmth and breezy energy we’ve come to love him for. In front of a marigold backdrop, barefoot and adorned in tie-dyed loungewear, Sunni makes himself at home and loses himself in the track’s laid-back vibe.

“Morning Dew,” taken from his latest EP Satin Psicodelic, serves as the perfect introduction to the project, and to Sunni’s sound, for those who are yet unfamiliar. His vocals effortlessly glide over the track laced with groovy guitar riffs and a deep bass line, punctuated with lively piano chords.  As we watch Sunni get his slight two-step on, we are transported back to the blissful days and hazy nights of summer. Our mood is instantly lifted as we watch him deliver a performance as cool and carefree as he is.

Watch Sunni Colon’s COLORS performance of “Morning Dew” below, and if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the full Satin Psicodelic EP. Recent social media posts suggest that more live performances are forthcoming, and we couldn’t be more excited. In the meantime, we’ll continue to keep this latest project in heavy rotation.