The ‘Waiting’ Is Over, Isabelle Brown Releases New EP ’03’

If we didn't know any better, we'd swear Isabelle Brown came of age with '90s R&B young'uns like Tracie Spencer, Monica, Brandi, Aaliyah and 702. The fact that she wasn't even born during that era leaves us that much more impressed. Her teenaged vocals possess a timeless quality that ensures we'll be enjoying her music for many years to come. For now, though, we're just happy to get our hands on her new EP 03.

The Bounce-Worthy singer/songwriter began teasing the project late last year with the jazzy groove "Places." And just a few weeks ago, she released another infectious jam called "What U Waiting 4." The album continues the '90s vibes with "Colour In the World," a delightful song steeped in jazz, hip-hop and R&B. Even as she laments, "I'm sick of grey days. Where's the color in the world?" you can't help but nod ya head to this. The brief set concludes with "Outro," a sedate tune with soothing harmonies and dreamy synth. Accented with melancholic cello, it's beautifully understated and shows that Ms. Brown has musical range.

03 isn't the only newness from Isabelle's direction. The Brighton lass also dropped a music video for her current single "What U Waiting 4." Produced and directed by LiteSwitch TV, Dani Sawyerr and Brown herself, the clip shows the artist frolicking around her hometown after school with her best friends. It's heartwarming to see kids being kids...carefree, loving life and bringing us along for the ride.

With a mixtape and now an EP under her belt, we're hoping a proper full-length debut is in the works for the near future. For now, we're happy to kick back, groove and have a laugh with the promising young singer. Stream 03 below and give Ms. Brown an early Sweet Sixteen gift by downloading a copy for your playlist. Afterwards, scroll down to watch Issy and company paint the town on "What U Waiting 4."

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