Brian McKnight Is Alone On The Road In ‘When I’m Gone’

Life on the road can be hard for performers. Part of supporting your loved ones often means being away from them for long stretches of time, which can take its toll. It’s this bitter truth that Brian McKnight explores in his video for “When I’m Gone.”

McKnight is seen out on tour serenading audiences full of fans with his classic love songs. While he enjoys the love from his adoring public, it’s a different story backstage. When the curtain closes, he’s all alone in a hotel room with just his thoughts. In the quiet moments, he’s lonely and wishing he could be next to the woman in his life. Following the song's lyrics, Brian wonders if she’s feeling the same way. Later in the clip we see that she does, as they connect in a touching Facetime video.

“When I’m Gone” will be featured on Brian McKnight’s upcoming album, Bedtime Story. The project will be full of love songs to help you set the mood for that special someone in your life. While we wait for more information on when the album will be released, hit play below and hit the lonely road with Brian.