Isabelle Brown Is Looking For The ‘Real Deal’

Isabelle Brown and her old soul caught our attention late last year and has held it ever since. Since we named her to our group of Bounce-Worthy artists, the teenaged singer has released her debut EP 03 and continues to show that when it comes to talent, age ain't nothing but a number. But just in case you were wondering what was in store for the young singer, she gives us an inkling to where she could be headed next with the release of new loosie "Real Deal."

Isabelle is blessed with a voice that belies her youth, is filled with grit and possesses the determination of a singer three times her age. She puts it to good use on "Real Deal." The song, which rides on a flipped sample of Elois Scott's obscure soul classic "Broadway Love," is all about trying to find real love while dealing with a dissatisfying love affair. Though we doubt that she's experienced a true heartbreak just yet, she delivers the song's narrative with a conviction that feels like she's definitely been there before. Helping in her cause are the heavy hits of bass and hip-hop drums baked into the production, which pair well with the looped horns from Scott's original work. It gives the whole thing a throwback vibe that stays with you like smoke hanging in the air of a crowded nightclub.

It doesn't look like "Real Deal" is going to be made available commercially. You can, however, stream it to your heart's content below.

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