Jamila Woods Gets Defiant & Vulnerable On ‘EARTHA’

Chicago singer/songwriter Jamila Woods is set to return to us with her anticipated sophomore set Legacy! Legacy! this May. The set will feature songs inspired by the bold black trailblazers who have made innumerable contributions to the culture. She already gave us a listen to the upcoming project with her single "ZORA" and she brings us another with the release of the next single, "EARTHA."

"EARTHA" takes a cue from its defiant namesake, Eartha Kitt, who was unapologetic in her dealings in both life and love. "I used to be 'fraid of myself / Hung my smile on a shelf / Hid my teeth when I laughed," she sings in the opening verse. However, now she's found a new sureness of herself as she's grown older. In other words, she doesn't have time for the bulls**t. "I don’t wanna compromise / Can we make it through the night?" she sings on the chorus before abruptly remarking, "And I’m tired of your s**t." All this defiance and matter-of-fact bluntness are underscored by a warm, playful soul groove compliments of fellow Chicagoan Peter Cottontale, who laces Jamila in lovely fashion as she asks an important question: "Who gonna share my love for me with me?"

"These are the thoughts that play in your head after an argument with your partner. These are the pages you write in your journal the next morning," Jamila said of the song in a statement. "This is everything you wish you could have said or everything you’ve said a million times without it being heard. The moment you realize you are worthy of more. Inspired by the badass spirit and wisdom of Eartha Kitt."

Earlier this month, Jamila also revealed that she'd be going out on tour in support of Legacy! Legacy!, kicking things off on May 22nd in St. Paul, Minnesota and finishing up in Vancouver on June 27th when all is said in and done. You can see the full list of dates in the flyer below after taking a listen to "EARTHA" and get tickets and more info from Jamila's website. Legacy! Legacy! is set to hit stores on May 10th.

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