Janine Reminisces On Love In ‘Never The Right Time’

While Janine may have dropped “The Mixtape” from her name, she doesn’t miss a step with “Never The Right Time,” a vibey ballad about love not quite lost but not quite found. On the track, she delivers more whispery harmonies and soulful vocals that we’ve come to know and love from the artist. Like her deceptively lithe yet full vocals, the simple yet complex lyrics really sell the concept of the song. “You and me, we're just cool / But I’d rather be on you, not the passenger side,” she slickly sings before coming to the grips on the chorus. "I could hold you down / But it's never the right time," she admits.

For the “Never The Right Time” video, Janine reminisces about a relationship from her past while feeling lost and adrift. The clip opens with Janine sipping wine in a bathtub while we get flashes of her past situationship. Janine takes her loneliness and longing to the ocean and mountains tops. While she’s surrounded by comfort, luxury and beauty, her head and her heart are still in the past, reliving a passionate encounter with a woman that she may never get to experience again.

“Never The Right Time” comes from Janine’s debut album, 99, which she released last year. The album boasts ‘90s-inspired R&B perfect for chilling with that special someone, whether it’s the right person or the right person for right now.

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