Can You Keep Up With Lizzo & Missy Elliott’s ‘Tempo’?

Lizzo is a woman on the move now that her Cuz I Love You is about a month away. While we've all been overdosing on her sassy and fun single "Juice" and even giving spins to the set's title track, we were definitely waiting to hear a certified banger from the set to make things feel complete. Well, today we got that in the form of her latest release "Tempo" — which happens to feature the one and only Missy Elliott.

The track sounds just like you'd imagine a Lizzo/Missy collabo would. It starts with a deceptive electric guitar riff but doesn't stay there for long. The beat soon switches to a bass-heavy trunk rattler filed with drums and an ominous synth loop. That's all Lizzo needs to set up the song's premise. "Slow songs, they for skinny h**s / Can't move alla this here to one of those," she rhymes. "I'm a thick b***h, I need tempo / F**k it up to the tempo." Well, alright! Lizzo then goes on to flaunt her body positivity while letting you know that her thick thighs and curves will take your man and mesmerize you at the same damn time. Missy, meanwhile, does her best Cardi B impression as she reminds us why she's one of the most creative lyricists in the game. She doesn't outshine Lizzo on the track, but she does make a call for all the thick girls to get down on the floor and shake s**t up to the beat.

Whether you're a big girl or you just want something to throw it in a circle to, we think this one is just the right speed. Get into Lizzo and Missy's "Tempo" right here when you press play.

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