Watch Mereba ‘Stay Tru’ To Her Sound For ‘COLORS’

After making a pretty big impression with her 2018 single "Black Truck," Mereba finally graced us with her album The Jungle Is The Only Way Out last month. The album is perhaps one of the best things we've heard in a pretty crowded field of new releases in 2019's first quarter, with songs like the entrancing "Sandstorm" grabbing our attention. Another standout is the smooth groove of "Stay Tru," which Mereba decided to showcase during a recent stop at the famed COLORS studios.

The laidback vibe of "Stay Tru" was a perfect choice for COLORS, as the song has an intimate feel despite the knock of the bass and drums that kick in on the chorus. That's because the song focuses on Mereba's quiet delivery and unique vocals, with little accompanying her voice on the song's beginning verse either than guitar plucks and layered backing vocals. She also brings a level of comfort to her performance, with her two-piece velvet 'fit making us feel like we can lounge right along with her as she offers soothing coos in the otherwise empty studio.

You can tuck into Mereba's cozy performance of "Stay Tru" right here. And after you're done with the soothing watch, make sure to pick up your copy of The Jungle Is The Only Way Out from your favorite digital retailer.

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