NAO Visits ‘COLORS’ To Pull Us Further Into Her ‘Orbit’

Last October, British singer-songwriter NAO beamed us up to celestial spaces with the release of her sophomore LP Saturn. Of course, it was love at first listen. But NAO has spent the last three months of the new year turning that love into a full-on obsession for audiences who saw her perform the album live during her world tour. She also managed to squeeze in a few cool detours in between concert gigs – the perfect consolation prize for those of us who weren't lucky enough to catch her on stage.

Recently, NAO and her crew showed up and showed out for NPR's Tiny Desk Concert series. Naturally, once she returned overseas, a stop at Berlin's buzzing COLORS studio was in order. For her turn on the Pantone-friendly stage, she chose her dazzling single, "Orbit." Against a lavender backdrop, the songstress grabs our attention with a neon orange jumpsuit and a cropped black hoodie. But the real gravitational pull comes from her unmistakable voice...angelic, lovely, and quivering with emotion.

Press play to get pulled into NAO's "Orbit" and keep up with the artist on Twitter and Instagram.