Oweleo Lysette Has Us Hooked On Her ‘Line’

Oweleo Lysette has kept a relatively low profile as of late, with our last time hearing from her being in 2016 when she dropped "T*R*I*P*P*I*N." We were starting to wonder where the singer has been when her latest single "My Line" serendipitously fell into our laps.

With spring finally upon us — though it seems like winter wants to linger just a bit longer — Oweleo presents us with the perfect banger to usher in the season. A dreamy guitar riff and sweet harmonies come adorned with trap-ready drums at the start of the track. From there, Oweleo provides lyrics that many ladies uncoupling from cuffing season situationships are probably thinking. "I'm not sorry that I made you feel like you was the only one," she saucily sings. "What was you thinking? / Ain't you never heard that girls just wanna have fun?" From there, she puts it in no uncertain terms that this girl's got options and isn't about to settle down any time soon. She also has some words for fellas who think they own a woman's time. "N****s act like b*****s sometimes," she sings with exasperation, pondering why men are all up in her business when she didn't invite them to be there.

We're sure we'll be bumping this one well into the summer. We just hope that there's something more coming from Oweleo Lysette's way to keep us jamming through the rest of the year.

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