Pamela Long Wonders About Her Luck In Love In ‘Why’

We don't know what Total's Pamela Long has got cooking, but she's definitely up to something. The singer has offered up a handful of solo singles over the years, including "You Said" and recent cut "Ghetto Love." Now she's back yet again with another new joint, "Why," and an accompanying video.

Like "You Said," "Why" finds Pam dealing with heartbreak and picking up the pieces. This time, the production leans closer to ballad territory, though it's doused in enough hip-hop soul to keep it decidedly mid-tempo. Also helping to keep things bopping is a guest appearance from rapper/actress Bre-Z, who drops a quick sixteen to help Pam out. The video is a bit melodramatic, showing a teary-eyed Pam burning photos and mementos of a love past into the fire before switching back and forth between performance setups in what appears to be a warehouse. It's not going to win any VMAs for originality, but it does sell the song nicely. It also might give us some insight into what's coming next as well. At the video's end, we see a leather jacket through the flames. Pam's name is airbrushed across the back along with the word "Undeniable." Could this be the name of her solo debut?

Obviously we have some digging to do. While we get to work on that, check out Pamela Long's latest below.

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