Sammie Gets Serious About Love In ‘H.L.I.T.L.’

Sammie is in love and isn't afraid to say so in his latest single "H.L.I.T.L" (short for "How Long Is Too Long"). The breezy bop, co-written and produced by Sean Marshall, is from his fourth studio album Everlasting, which dropped on March 1st. That day was also his 32nd birthday, and in addition to the album he gifted fans with the music video for "H.L.I.T.L."

The Keoni Mars-directed visual opens in a forest setting with our leading man hiking through the woods as the sun shines above. He is on a mission to find his girl, who is patiently posted up and awaiting his arrival. Sammie walks damn near all day, and next thing you know it's nighttime in the following scene. He stumbles upon a party in a cabin and lo and behold who is there to greet him but his bae. They join the other partygoers to dance and have some fun, but they only have eyes for each other. Their chemistry on and off the dance floor is thick as Sammie shares his desire for something serious. "Baby, I'm ride or die, ain't no selling out / We gon' show 'em how it's 'posed to be / Girl, you official and you really got a hold on me / I want this feeling for a long time," he sings on the pre-chorus making his intentions clear that he's in this thing for the long haul.

Watch the video for "H.L.I.T.L" to see just how long it'll take for Sammie to capture your heart. Everlasting is available now on all digital platforms.

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