SoulBounce Exclusive: Cecily Takes Us To Paradise In ‘Pisces’

Anytime is the right time for a vacation, but there's something about spring that makes us want to take a break from our normal routines and fickle weather and travel to somewhere tropical and tranquil. Although everyone doesn't have the time nor resources to make such a getaway, music can provide an immediate escape from the real world. That type of mental vacation is what Cecily takes people on in the music video for her song "Pisces."

Cecily takes us to a musical and visual paradise in "Pisces." Shot on location in Cuba, director Muse Dodd captures the track's essence as her camera follows Cecily around the island with a constant water theme throughout. When our songbird isn't walking along the beach with waves crashing at her feet, she's seen lounging in a bathtub filled with fresh flowers floating on the water's surface. Later during the bridge, Cecily fully immerses herself underwater, swimming in ocean blue waters with her hair and her dress flowing around, almost moving to the song's rhythm. In between these scenes, we see Cecily accompanied by a group of Black women dressed in white who join her while she sits on a colorful porch or sitting by herself surrounded by books, memorabilia and old photographs.

"Most of the video was shot in and around Havana, Cuba, while I was there with a group of fellow Black women artists," Cecily tells us about the trip that she describes as life-changing. "I just felt free the whole time. I think that energy is in the video as well. The director, Muse Dodd, and I wanted to show me searching – walking through a castle made of coral and gazing out at the sea – and then finally finding healing by bathing myself in the ocean and coming out cleansed, happy, and full."

"The song is called 'Pisces,' which is my astrological sign. I'm a water sign, so both the song and video explore the power of water to heal. Water to me is a connector to other places and to the past, so we also included photos of my ancestors, because they are also a source of strength and healing." Cecily's "Pisces" visual is as peaceful, powerful and meaningful as the song itself.

After premiering the lead single from her album Songs of Love & Freedom last March, SoulBounce is delighted to world premiere the "Pisces" music video. Allow Cecily to be your tour guide to tranquility and get ready to relax, relate and release.

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