The Shindellas Shine In Living Color In ‘Ain’t That The Truth’

Arriving on the scene last year, The Shindellas have been giving us the throwback soul that we didn't know we needed. The trio is slowly but surely making a name for themselves having released three singles thus far. Though they've wowed with live performances, they had yet to show us what they could do in the context of a video. That changes with the recent release of their first-ever music video for single "Ain't That The Truth."

The song and its retro feel deserved a colorful treatment and the trio delivers in spades in the clip. The trio stands front and center in shiny gold, copper and cobalt velvet jumpsuits. While they offer up their sass and sage advice, the video's set changes from bright pastels to deeper, darker tones and candy-colored graphics fly about like it's the intro for In Living Color (the first season, of course). If that's not enough to catch your eye, the ladies are also joined by dancers throughout most of the clip and even make some time to do an electric slide with friends as the credits roll.

It's an incredibly fun and endearing and the perfect visual introduction to these soulful ladies. So much so that we can't wait to see what they'll bring with whatever visual comes next.