Durand Bernarr Keeps It Real With ‘Unblocked’ & Gets Groovy On ‘Sam’s Vibe’

We don't see how it's possible to not be a fan of Durand Bernarr. He's always around with an original jam or a refix to get us bopping (and sometimes laughing) or to get us through our day. And just when you're looking for something new, he's always coming with a track you didn't know you needed. That's the case with the release of his recent double single for "Unblocked" and "Sam's Vibe."

"Unblocked" starts off with a jovial "hello" from Durand as he rides out the infectious groove — with synth and bass leading the way over in-the-pocket drums keeping the rhythm — before he sheds light on one of the realities of dating (and breaking up) in the internet age. "You remain unblocked / So you can see just / How far along I am without you," he sings to an ex. Though this is definitely more of a jam session to let the track's musicians go in (and go in they do), Durand makes sure to weave in more of the story to clue us in as to what's going on. "I have been through it hard / My bitter, jaded, broken heart," he sings. "Had it out for me right from the start / But I won't turn into who you are." All in all, it's a funky kiss-off that you can most definitely jam to.

"Sam's Vibe," on the other hand, is perfect for those who like to toke. Over a mix of guitar, bass, floating synths and 808s, he kicks platitudes and life lessons as he chills out. "Have you smoked today? / Have you yet put something on your stomach?" he asks, ever the considerate host ready to take you on a journey. And a journey it is, as he leads us through lush harmonies, captivating quiet moments and dreamy arrangements as we float on through the groove.

Both tracks offer something for everyone and definitely have us anxious for the follow up to his Sound Check EP. Check them out below and make sure you support indie soul and purchase the singles from your favorite digital retailer.

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