Jamila Woods Is A Woman On The Prowl In ‘EARTHA’

Jamila Woods is getting ready to release her upcoming album Legacy! Legacy! in a matter of weeks. Having already given us the singles "ZORA" and "EARTHA" — both named after trailblazing black women — she returns with a video for the latter track that pays homage to both track namesake Eartha Kitt and old Hollywood glamour.

The video is presented as a black-and-white silent film with Jamila dressed up like a literal cat burglar (an obvious homage to Kitt's days playing Catwoman on the campy '60s Batman show). Her fella and getaway driver (played by Insecure's Langston Kerman) is of no use as he's somehow gotten his hands on the Batmobile but can't seem to figure out how to work it. Meanwhile, her girls — poet Safia Elhillo and Pose star Indya Moore — are dealing with their own man issues. They're not going to let something as basic as man problems ruin their good time, though. Instead, the ladies conspire together and the viewer realizes that the trio of powerful ladies have pulled a fast one on the would-be Dark Knight. They steal away into the night in the tricked-out whip, leaving buddy boy to curse his way to the nearest bus stop while piecing together what just happened.

We don't know about y'all but we think that Legacy! Legacy! will definitely be one of the albums getting hella play here at SBHQ. We'll find out officially when the set drops on May 10th. Until then, check out Jamila Woods and her co-stars in the video for "EARTHA" right here.

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