Monica Is Willing To Do The Time In ‘Commitment’

In her 25 year career, Monica has been no stranger to expressing both the joy and pain that's found in love and relationships. So when she dropped "Commitment" as the lead single for her upcoming Chapter 38, the ballad listing all that she wants out of love wasn't too much of a change from her norm. The Teyana Taylor-directed video for the single, though? That's an altogether different story.

Our girl Mo channels her inner jailbird for the clip, which shows her locked up for committing a crime of passion. And, just like Akon, it doesn't look like they're going to let her out. Though she doesn't seem too happy to be in the clink, she acquiesces to getting her Orange Is The New Black on and adjusts to prison life. Thankfully, she happens to have a few friends on the inside, including T.I. & Tiny: Family & Friends Hustle co-star Tameka "Tiny" Harris and singer Summerella, to keep her company. The video doesn't really have any kind of resolution for Monica's situation. So, as it ends, we're not sure if she'll ever make probation. Still, we must admit that she makes one glamorous inmate.

While you anxiously wait for a release date for Chapter 38, check out Monica getting her jailbird on in "Commitment" below.

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