Shay Lia Proceeds With Caution On ‘Dangerous’

Most would agree that love is a risk worth taking. Regardless of past hurt and disappointment, the pros of surrendering to love far outweigh the cons. For her latest single “Dangerous,” singer-songwriter Shay Lia echoes this sentiment though she issues a fair warning that answering love’s call is no easy task. Over an infectious Tony Stone-produced track, she sings of being torn between the familiar feels of goosebumps and the desire to run for cover. Though the lyrics and her tone tell a tale of apprehension, the breezy, vibrant vibe of the track and the seductive energy of her Instagram video announcing the single suggest that she’s ready to throw caution to the wind and risk it all.

Though Shay has given us a number of singles, including "Feels" back in January, she describes her latest release as her debut. She assures fans that if they are digging the summer vibes of “Dangerous,” they will love what she has on deck. Though there’s no official release date, word on the street is that we can look forward to Shay Lia’s first EP sometime in the near future. She’s given us plenty to bounce to in the meantime, and if you are anything like us, you will keep an eye out for more.

Give Shay Lia’s “Dangerous” a spin below and you might just be tempted to give into a little spring/summer romance. Add the track to your collection from your favorite digital platform and be sure to follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for updates on her forthcoming EP.

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