Sidibe Transforms Shania Twain With Her Take On ‘You’re Still The One’

Black folk and country music are a hot topic as of late thanks to Lil Nas X and his country-hop (hip-country?) single "Old Town Road" making headlines, topping charts and causing controversy. While blacks have been part of country music since its inception and are partly responsible for its rise in popularity over the years (thanks, Ray Charles!), it really shouldn't be questioned whether or not people of the diaspora can participate in the country tradition. Heck, we can even take what was a country hit and turn it into R&B gold. But don't take our word for it, just check out our girl Sidibe.

The singer returns to us for the first time this year with a stunning cover of Shania Twain's pop-country smash hit "You're Still The One." The romantic track that we're absolutely sure you remember (it stayed in the No. 2 spot of the Billboard Hot 100 for 42 weeks back in 1998) gets an urban adult contemporary remake in Sidibe's hands. She begins the song with the sound of rain and warm keys that set the mood and pace. From there, she delivers her vocals in a breathy, sensual tone that make the track perfect for the quiet storm. Even when the drums — which come on pretty strong — are added into the mix the amorous vibe doesn't break. Perhaps it's the sultry instrumentation or maybe (and more likely) it's Sidibe's seductive coos and sighs that really make this one work.

The track ends with "so glad we made it," and honestly that's exactly how we feel about Sidibe's take. Listen to her getting to the soul of "You're Still The One" right here.

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