Snoh Aalegra’s Got A Thing For ‘You’

Snoh Aalegra is back at it again. The soulful singer-songwriter has been slowly inching her way into our playlists since dropping her debut FEELS back in 2017. Earlier this year, she hit us with "I Want You Around." She continues that romantic energy with her latest, a smoldering and passionate ballad called "You."

"You" has all the hallmarks of a love ballad. Gently strummed guitar serves as the musical base, with a patient snare and kick keeping rhythm. And, at just the right moments, the stillness is pierced with searing electric guitar. It provides the optimal palette for Snoh, who uses emotive vocals to paint the picture of a love that's not perfect but still means the world to her. Her burning passion for the object of her affections is quite obvious in the verses as she details her mistakes and misgivings while coming to one conclusion. "I just can't live without you," she sings on the chorus. "That s**t I speak about, think about, can't do without."

"You" should hit home for anyone who's ever been madly in love (and might even spark a flame of recognition for those who have yet to have the experience). Listen to the latest from Snoh Aalegra when you press play below.

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