You’re Not ‘Dreaming,’ Dionne Warwick & Musiq Soulchild Have Remade An Atlantic Starr Classic

Last month, legendary singer Dionne Warwick put us on notice that retirement ain't in the cards, enchanting us with her updated spin on “What The World Needs Now Is Love." The song served as lead single for her forthcoming LP She's Back and proved the vocal veteran still belongs on the airwaves. Now she attempts to recapture the magic once again with her latest single, a cover of Atlantic Starr's classic "Am I Dreaming," featuring Musiq Soulchild.

For better or worse, the soulful duet plays out like the awkward beginnings of a May-December romance. For his part, Musiq starts things off on the right note, tenderly serenading us with swoon-worthy vocals. But Ms. Warwick doesn't seem quite as committed to the material. She doesn't sound bad, but there's no passion. At all. In fact, she kinda sounds uncomfortable. As a result, what should've been an impressive display of intergenerational musical chemistry comes off as a lackluster effort. We still have nothing but love for Auntie Dionne, though.

You can pre-order She's Back before it drops next month or just live in the present and download a copy of "Am I Dreaming" right now. In addition to new music, fans will have several opportunities to experience Ms. Warwick live in concert. She just began a month-long residency at Bally's Las Vegas (through April 27th), and will perform in Hawaii, Ohio and New York in subsequent months. Visit her website for show dates and tickets.

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