Flying Lotus Takes Us On An Animated Space Trip For ‘More’ With Anderson .Paak

The name Flying Lotus is synonymous with avant garde music that stretches music beyond its limits and challenges listener expectations. With his new album Flamagra on the horizon, he's delivered just that with his selection of singles. But, lest we forget, FlyLo also brings his unique and unexpected vision to music videos as well. So, as you can probably imagine, his video for recent his Anderson .Paak collaboration "More" pushes even further on the boundaries of the medium.

He achieves the goal this time around by going animated for the clip. Without the limits of live action holding him back, FlyLo is able to tell the story of a space traveler who crash lands on a seemingly empty planet. In fact, the only thing on the planet is a robot who happens to be sporting a vinyl records with AP's name on it. As it suddenly comes to life, the traveler stares in awe at first. That awe soon becomes terror, though, as something starts to contort him, turning him into something more than what he arrived as. We'll leave what exactly that is up to your interpretation — but believe us when we say it's interesting, to say the least.

"More" will, of course, be featured on Flamagra when the project drops on May 24th. Check out the visual for the track right here.

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