There’s A Meeting In The-Dream’s ‘Bedroom’

The-Dream gave us a belated Christmas present last year with the release of his 40-song opus, Ménage à Trois: Sextape Vol. 1, 2, 3, in late December. To herald the release he dropped the epic, four-song music video "Sextape Vol. 1," but things have been kinda quiet from his direction for most of 2019. Well, the Radio Killa is hoping to heat things up for the rest of spring and summer with a visual for the track "Bedroom."

For the "Bedroom" music video, The-Dream has a slumber party and invites all his girls over. However, it isn't as innocent as it sounds. This is a very grown and very sexy slumber party. Instead of pajamas, the women are dressed in skimpy lingerie, and instead of making s'mores they make the moves on each other as they congregate and have soft-core relations on a large round bed. The-Dream lets the ladies have their fun as he sings and holds court in the fantasy setting.

The clip is co-directed by Mac Grant and The-Dream himself, who was also the man behind and in front of the camera for "Sextape Vol. 1." With 35 more tracks left from Ménage à Trois for The-Dream to potentially make videos for, we'll wait and see where his creativity and libido lead him next.

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