Tierra Whack Gives A Vibrant Performance Of ‘Unemployed’ For ‘COLORS’

After releasing her short but sweet, 15 minute-long debut album, Whack World, Tierra Whack followed up her project with her #WhackHistoryMonth. Every week in February, the MC released a new track showing off her versatile skills. One of those tracks was the song “Unemployed,” where she unleashed her inner rhyme animal and shared a hilarious and creative music video. Now she’s bringing the song to A COLORS Show, where her vibrant lyrics can truly stand out.

For her COLORS show, Tierra performed against a bright orange background, standing on a blue mirrored square. Of course, her outfit matched perfectly, and, with Tierra’s creative spirit, she took it to the next level. Her ensemble included a blue and orange jacket, orange mock turtleneck and matching pants and shoes. Whack was fully committed to this look, even rocking a dramatic swatch of orange eye shadow on her left eye. The fiery backdrop served as a blank canvas to let Tierra’s art shine, namely her stark, intense lyrics.

Hit play to watch Tierra Whack spit hot fire during colorful COLORS performance.



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