Durand Bernarr & Romero Mosley Want You To ‘Shut Up And Groove’

With the season of warm, sunny days and hot late nights upon us, most playlists are going to be filled with uptempo numbers made for burning up dance floors. That's cool and all, but you're going to need some balance (especially if you don't want to sweat out your new 'do three songs in). Luckily, there are at least two artists that have that in mind — LA-based producer Romero Mosley and our colorful soul brother Durand Bernarr. The two Cleveland natives have crafted the perfect track to play in between your favorite club banger and the next booty-shakin' jam with "Shut Up And Groove."

Romero, who we've come to know via his collaborations with Lorene Chia and Norelle, crafts a sly mix of jazz and soul that is simply undeniable. Smoldering rhythm guitar, piano chords, silky smooth bass and a few other flourishes establish exactly what the song advertises — a groove you can lose yourself in. Durand Bernarr settles in almost immediately with a chorus all about how music can make one feel. "Ain't nobody f**kin' with the words / They just want the rhythm of the song playing / All night long," he sings with his sweet falsetto as he sits right in the pocket of the track. The rest of the song's lyrics focus on the vibe of the moment and the freedom he's found within it. The song has a dreamy quality to it that will remind you of some of the best moments of '70s and '80s soul, especially the quiet storm era of music that was just as much about setting up a groove as it was seducing the senses.

We don't know about you, but we're definitely all for more Durand Bernarr and Romero Mosley collaborations if they all sound this effortless and easy. Do as the song says and get into the fellas' groove when you press play.

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