Jorja Smith Says Her ‘Goodbyes’ With A Simple Visual

A year has come and gone since Jorja Smith dropped her debut Lost & Found, which netted her a GRAMMY nomination for Best New Artist. With that kind of time passing, it's also more than likely the end of that particular album's cycle as well. Don't worry, though, Jorja isn't leaving us without at least another visual lifted from the successful set. The British chanteuse gives us one last glimpse from the project with the release of the video for the sentimental track "Goodbyes."

The videos from Lost & Found have varied from the dramatic to the futuristic. However, for "Goodbyes" the singer keeps things pretty simple. She and her performance are the clip's primary focus. Under the direction of frequent collaborator Rashid Babiker (who also directed the video for "On Your Own"), Jorja mostly stands in front of a wall and gives smoldering stares to the camera. Meanwhile, images of flowers blooming are projected on the wall and across her face. It's a simple approach that, honestly, should be pretty boring to watch. Jorja makes conceit work, though, as she offers an emotive performance that captures the ache and the hopefulness reflected in the song's lyrics in a raw and honest way. So much so that you probably won't be able to take your eyes off of the gorgeous singer during the clip's four-minute runtime.

Saying goodbye is always hard, but we highly doubt that we've seen the last of Jorja Smith. Still, we'll take any excuse to give the talented songstress a gander. Do the same by watching the video for "Goodbyes" below.

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