OSHUN’s Got ‘Blessings On Blessings’ To Bestow Upon Us

Washington, D.C.-bred and New York City-based duo OSHUN has created quite the buzz thanks to the release of their debut album bittersweet vol. 1 and their songs venerating Afrocentrism and blackness. The group — comprised of sisters Thandiwe Sala and Niambi Sala — has also been dropping videos from their previous mixtape ASASE YAA and other projects. Their first visual from bittersweet, "Blessings On Blessings," crystallizes what they're all about.

"Blessings On Blessings" itself is a conscious jam that finds the ladies boasting but giving it a socially and culturally aware spin. "Everything will manifest because I wrote it / I'm hella sweet because I spoke it, notice," Niambi spits on her verse. "I am the sugar, honey, ice tea / You fake n****s is fructose, you Hi-C / I'mma be a high priest, you can be a hypebeast." Likewise, the track's video takes the usual tropes and flips them on their heads. Yes, there are clips of them mobbing with their crew in the hood, but it comes off as more of a family celebration than a posse wildin' out on the stoop. There are also scenes of the ladies and their crew seemingly preparing for the revolution while draped in yellow fabric (yellow, after all, the color of the Orisha goddess who is their namesake). All in all, the clip makes one hell of a statement for those that might not know exactly who they are.

OSHUN might be relatively new to many, but they probably won't remain that way for long. Get on board early when you peep their clip for "Blessings On Blessings" below.

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