Serayah Gives Her ‘Love’ To The Fakers & Haters

Her higher profile Empire co-stars might be stealing all the headlines these days, but you'd be wise to keep your eyes on Serayah. The actress and singer has made her mark with tracks from the show, on which she plays the Rihanna-like character Tiana, and has made strides in her own music career thanks to singles like "Lost & Found" and "GTTM." Now that the end for the hit FOX series is nigh, it looks like the triple-threat is planning her next phase and she's initiating it with new single and video "Love It."

"Love It" is dedicated to all the fakers and the haters who are pressed whenever she comes around. The song features her calling out all those trying to hate on her, from family to friends to lovers. However, while most would wither under that kind of scrutiny, Serayah thrives off it. "Don't you love it? / Being hated / Damn, I love it / Being hated," she sings on the chorus. She takes that same brash attitude in the song's visual in which she rocks waist-length cornrows and sick looks as she cuts up the floor with fierce choreography.

"Love It" might be the first release we're hearing from Serayah's planned album, which is expected to drop sometime this year. Though Empire might be at the end of its road, it looks like the star is just at her beginning. Watch her flex in the visual below.