SoulBounce Exclusive: Iris Gold Has ‘A Lot To Give’

The road to the release of Iris Gold's upcoming debut album, Planet Cool, has been a mighty long obstacle course. But the Danish singer/rapper of Indian and Jamaican descent is not one to give up easily, and her perseverance will pay off in July when Planet Cool finally drops. Leading up to its release, she's dropped a steady stream of new music and visuals since late 2018, and she continues the trend with a music video for her single "A Lot To Give," which SoulBounce is debuting in an exclusive world premiere.

Gold describes "A Lot To Give" as a song, "about not being held back by those self-made walls in your mind and the different ways we can come together as humans, by giving and therefore receiving, more than we ever thought possible.” She commands listeners to, "Live a life you love / Love a life you live / Give all that you got, now baby / You sure got a lot to give," on the chorus of the rousing track that mixes equal parts funk, rock and soul.

For the music video, director Ryan Andrews shoots Iris on location in Wales, and the clip is a colorful explosion of natural beauty against the beauty of nature. Gold is joined by two other curly-haired cuties, and they all come together at various points throughout with modern dance moves and bold display of Black Girl Magic. According to Iris, "The video is about three generations of Afro warriors straight outta planet cool. Just touched down, bare foot and totally in harmony with Mother Earth. Here to illuminate love and eradicate intolerance and racism with their super funk powers.”

Get into Iris Gold's empowering messages in "A Lot To Give" via the gorgeous visual right here. Stay tuned for the exact release date for her album Planet Cool next month, and keep tabs on her via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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