The Shindellas Want A Love That Gives Them ‘Chills’

There's something about The Shindellas. The trio, signed to Louis York's Weirdo Workshop, has been kicking it old school ever since they first crossed our radar last year with their debut track "Reconsider." Ever since, the girl group has been serving up modern sass over Motown-flavored production that catches the ear and speaks to the heart. That formula hasn't changed with the release of their latest single, "Chills."

"Chills," like the rest of their material thus far, concerns affairs of the heart. However, rather than giving advice to ladies about how a man should treat them, this one addresses the fellas and tells them how love should feel. Mainly, they let it be known that talk is cheap and they should feel a little bit more than just butterflies. "The same way that it feels on a Sunday / When the choir and the organ start to play / Hallelujah, make me feel so heavenly / That’s how I wanna feel," they sing on one verse before being more direct on the song's chorus. "I wanna get chills / All over my body / Every time you touch me," they sing in unison. "Time better stand still / If your love is real."

"Chills" marks the fifth single release from The Shindellas — with "Ain't That The Truth," "Happy To See You" and "It Wasn't Really Love" rounding out the number. If you ask us, that's a sure sign that a larger project from the ladies is on its way. Until such an announcement is made, though, allow the trio to give you "Chills" by listening to their latest.

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