Justine Skye Makes The Summer Sexier With ‘Maybe’

Justine Skye hasn't released any new music this year. She hasn't let that fact stop her from getting her shine on, though. Whether it's appearing on the cover of her beau GoldLink's recent album Diaspora or landing a role in the latest season of BET's TALES, Justine's been glowing up all over the place. She hasn't forgotten how we came to know her, however. To that effect, Ms. Skye's gone and dropped possibly the sexiest song of the summer with her new single "Maybe."

The first thing that hits you when you press play on "Maybe" is the sensual groove established by producer Dre Skull, who starts things off with a bit of guitar before introducing Justine's breathy vocal with the beat of the drums. The singer is all about a seductive vibe as she sings, coaxing her lover to join her in pleasure as the song plays. "Said I'm your wife now / And I'll take you, any way I want / Any way I like it, babe," she sings on the first verse. She keeps it even simpler by the time the chorus rolls around, cooing, "Baby, maybe / Take me, baby / I'll go, on your lead / Drive me, crazy / You know how to persuade me."

We don't need to be persuaded to add this one to our summertime sexy playlist. And, by the looks of things, there might be more where "Maybe" came from. While that may remain to be seen, we'll be keeping our eye on Justine Skye.

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