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Chris Brown In Hot Water Over 'Nice Hair' Lyric

The release of Chris Brown's 32-song album Indigo was supposed to go off without a controversial hitch. Unfortunately for him, a lyric in his song "Need A Stack" has sparked a bit of outrage. The lyric in question? "Diggin’ it, then I’m lickin’ all on that p***y, put it right there / Only wanna f**k the black b*****s with the nice hair." Classy. Of course, many have spoken out about the controversial lyric, with many blasting him for his ignorance. Chris, meanwhile, is over it. "Don't let people twist your meanings when it's meant to show love," he wrote in and Instagram story. "And a n***a aint finna jump through hoops to satisfy anyones ego or movement!! I been a n***a all my life!!! Stop playing like I'm out here Uncle Tomming and discrediting beauty." #SMH

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