Kiana Ledé Gets ‘Heavy’ On The Streets Of New York City

Kiana Ledé is a star on the rise and one listen to her recent EP Myself will tell you why. The 22-year-old singer/actress keeps it pretty real throughout, whether it's with lighthearted fair like "Bouncin" or more serious material like her recent release "Heavy." The latter song, which happens to feature an outro from none other than diva Jenifer Lewis herself, is the latest from the set to get the video treatment and it deals with the issue of depression head-on.

The clip focuses on Kiana flying solo in the streets of NYC. As anyone who has ever lived in the Big Apple can tell you, though the city is full of people it's one of the easiest places to feel isolated and alone in. Kiana captures this feeling perfectly in the lyrics and visuals. She looks at the camera as she sings about not wanting to get out of bed in the morning and feeling like something is weighing her down. What's amazing is that she conveys a sadness behind her eyes that perfectly encapsulates the loneliness of depression and how it can feel. She also pauses for a second to listen to the wise words of Jenifer via a voicemail. "There's nowhere to run, if there was I'd have been there," the sage actress says. "You take yourself with you, you can't run from yourself. You can't go down to the neighbor's house. You can't run, you need to confront what's goin' on in your own house. You have to confront it."

We must applaud Kiana Ledé for addressing what still is a taboo subject among society with such bravery and earnestness. Here's hoping that more artists follow suit. Check out the video for "Heavy" below.

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