Sabrina Claudio Finds True Romance In ‘Holding The Gun’

Whether it be the story of Bonnie and Clyde or the fatalistic love in films like True RomanceNatural Born Killers or even Thelma & Louise, there's something about that ride-or-die type of love that we can't help but romanticize. Singer Sabrina Claudio is the latest write an ode to the kind of love that requires an unwavering loyalty in her new song and video "Holding The Gun."

Like most of her work, "Holding The Gun" is a dreamy slice of R&B that floats on airy production and Sabrina's own gentle vocals. "I'll make excuses / And I'll keep all your secrets," she sings. "I'll take all your bullets / Even if it were you holding the gun." For the video, she takes a cue from the aforementioned movies as she and her leading fella play a couple in the midst of a crime spree. We see the felonious couple riding through the desert giddy with love. We also peep them slow dancing in the dark after a recent robbery. Only it's not until we get a closeup of Sabrina's bloody face that we realize just how far down this rabbit hole of love and crime the duo has traveled.

However twisted this particular love story is, the song makes for a great listen and the video is an entertaining watch. Although Sabrina hasn't confirmed if "Holding The Gun" means that she's about to pop off with a new album, we doubt that not having that information will stop fans from anticipating one, though. Check out the beautifully shot clip for "Holding The Gun" right here.



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