SoulBounce Exclusive: A. Billi Free Enjoys Her Freedom In ‘Alright With Me’

A. Billi Free has a lot to be happy about right now. Today is the release day for her debut album, I Luma, in collaboration with production duo Tensei. To celebrate the occasion, she's also debuting the music video for her new song "Alright With Me" in an exclusive SoulBounce world premiere. The song is described as "an appreciation of the way our bodies create geometry and energy when they move to the beat," and director Demetrius "ADaD" Barr tries to bring that to life in the visual.

The clip opens with A. Billi sitting at home meditating in silence. Then the music drops in, and she lets loose and gets down. We see her dancing on a table, wearing a cool pair of socks, prancing down the stairs and looking as carefree and happy as she wants to be. She radiates joy as she two-steps around her house. A. Billi dances like no one is watching, but she's actually not alone. Tensei's Chris Kramer is present in the role of a visitor from another realm who's just there to jam, which he does, nodding his head to the rhythms and waving his hands in the air like he just doesn't care. Both of them are having a good old time, and they'll make you want to get up and have one, too.

The video for "Alright With Me" ends with a tight shot of a coaster on the table, which reads, "The journey is what brings us happiness, not the destination." A. Billi Free is most definitely enjoying her journey, and she shares more of it on I Luma. The album is available now on Tokyo Dawn Records for purchase and streaming.

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