SoulBounce Exclusive: Lydia René Shows That Love Is A Dance In The ‘Feels So Nice (The Remix)’ Video

It's hard to believe, but it's already been a decade since we added Lydia René to our exclusive club of Bounce-Worthy artists. The singer/songwriter/musician impressed us out of the gate with her talent, and in the past 10 years she's only gotten better as she's honed her craft and made music moves. One of the biggest moves that she made was across the country from her hometown of Philadelphia to Los Angeles, and she's thrived in her new city. Since moving to LA she has become a sought-after model, got married and released her debut album, Vintage Heart. Oddly enough, the one thing that she's never done is release a music video – until now! SoulBounce is elated to debut Lydia René's very first music video for her single "Feels So Nice (The Remix)" in a SoulBounce exclusive world premiere.

The "Feels So Nice (The Remix)" visual is an international affair. It was filmed on location in Auckland, New Zealand and with all Auckland-based talent, including producer and director Elvin Wong and co-choreographers and professional dancers Otis Donovan Herring and Julia Ruth Smith. Herring and Smith are actually the sole focus of the music video, which René doesn't appear in. The two dancers bring Lydia's lyrics in "Feels So Nice (The Remix)" to vivid life.

The clip opens with the couple waking up in each other's arms. They enjoy some playful time together before getting up to eat cereal and watch cartoons. With "Feels So Nice (The Remix)" as their soundtrack, they break out into dance in their living room. From there, they get dressed and take their two-stepping outdoors. They dance through the streets of Auckland and have all the fun. Their joy and happiness matches the vibe of the song perfectly and shows Black Love in motion.

"I always want to depict Black Love in a positive light and this does exactly that," Lydia told us about the video's theme. "Love, marriage, relationships are a beautiful thing and it is a dance, a wonderful dance we do through life that we work on and practice every day."

According to Lydia, the whole video actually came about in a very interesting way. "It was basically a gift to me from Otis Donovan Herring. I spoke to him about wanting to do a cute 60-second video for Instagram of him dancing to my song to promote it, and he was like 'OK great!' and then sends this entire video back to me! LOL! I was so overwhelmed and grateful I burst into real tears watching it because it was so good and exactly what I had envisioned."

Lydia René's vision board is popping, and she has even more on the way. She tells us that she's working on a Vintage Heart remix album and has an album of brand new material coming as well. Lydia has some other hush-hush projects in the works, and after watching her feel-good video for "Feels So Nice (The Remix)" we hope that she has some more visuals on the horizon, too.

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