The Category Is ’70s Soul Music Realness For DRAM & H.E.R.’s ‘The Lay Down’

Rapper-turnt-sanger DRAM, whose name is an acronym for "Does Real A** Music," is attempting to live up to that title by digging into his soul singer bag for the modern throwback "The Lay Down" and its newly released music video. The VA-native hooked up with producer watt and fellow acronym-named singer H.E.R. to deliver an intoxicating ballad that accurately recreates a '70s soul feel with DRAM's patented sense of humor.

The trio continues to push the '70s soul vibe in the Aisultan Seitov-directed video. DRAM dressed in all white, stands on a large, white compact disc in a pool of tranquil water, making the case for making sweet love. The camera pans out and we see his band and background singers dressed in metallic outfits also standing on the water. The camera then moves up to reveal H.E.R. sitting on a crescent moon, rocking a sheer, sparkly gown and echoing DRAM’s sentiments. The outro guitar solo from watt is a sheer delight to watch. The clip is also filled with dramatic lasers, spacey lighting and Beats headphones placement that stops just short of being cheesy. Keep watching until the end of the video for an unexpected twist.

“The Lay Down” is DRAM’s first release since sharing his THAT’S A GIRL’S NAME EP. It will be featured on his sophomore album, which will feature more singing from the artist. Although he's not the best singer, we're not mad at Big Baby DRAM's desire to let his soul glow, especially when he does it this well.

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