This Week In SoulBounce: Lil Nas X Is Already Making History, A$AP Rocky Is Back On US Soil…For Now, Nicki Minaj Might Be Ready For Marriage & More

Is Nicki Minaj Ready To Walk Down This Aisle?

Hey, Nicki Minaj, what's good? The Queen rapper has been dating her rekindled teenage love Kenneth Petty for about a year now and it looks like things are getting real. With marriage rumors swirling, Nicki and her bae were recently spotted at a Beverly Hills courthouse where they reportedly obtained a marriage license. While Nicki has already claimed to have done this back in June, it's worth noting that marriage licenses are only good for 90 days — meaning that even is he had gotten it then, the time to use it was running down. Could that also mean that Nicki could become Mrs. Petty (the irony does not escape us) in the near future? We shall see. #ANiceDayForAPinkWedding

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