Cousin Shows Us The Expectations & Reality Of Love In ‘Easy’

Ain't love grand? Well, it can be at times. Other times, it can be...less than great. Either way it goes, though, it's still love at the end of the day. Our fam Cousin gets that part and showed us as much with their track "Easy," which appears on their recent EP Cousin, Vol. 1. The track celebrates the ease of loving someone regardless of the ups, downs and in-betweens that can be thrown your way as things progress. They further illustrate this in the new video for the track.

Group member Dana "Big Dane" Johnson serves as the video's star alongside real-life wife Avery*Sunshine. We see the cute couple getting ready for date night as Kreion helps Avery with her makeup and Rob Milton gives Dana some sartorial advice. When they do finally have their big night together, though, the screen splits to offer us a bit of expectation versus reality. On one side, we see the date through the optimistic lens of expectation. Avery is all smiles and kisses, with the two having the time of their lives during an impromptu dinner on the deck of their house. The other side depicts the reality of the situation, with Avery a little less than impressed but going along with the proceedings anyway. The differences between the two perceptions are subtle at times and drastic at others. However they have one major thing in common: the love was always there no matter what.

Wherever you are in the journey of love, we're sure that you'll recognize some part of it in the visual and might even smile along as Cousin reminds us that this thing called love has many facets involved.

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