Fantasia Has A ‘Holy Ghost’ Party

If you've ever seen Fantasia in concert, then you already know that she is known for giving audiences a religious experience live on stage, if not breaking down herself, overcome with the spirit of the Lord. That same devotion will unquestionably continue on her upcoming album Sketchbook. We need look no further than her latest single for proof. The sanger has crafted a gospel trap anthem entitled “Holy Ghost” that is perfect for saints and ain’ts.

On “Holy Ghost,” Fantasia testifies and prophesizes over a simmering trap beat. She starts by addressing her humble beginnings and rise to fame, singing, “That's what you feel when I hit every note / See I had it since I was very small / See there's no way I could ignore the call.” Tasia also speaks on the calling on her life ("I'm on assignment got a heavy load / No it ain't easy walking down this road"), but also touches on some of the ills of society today (“The prices of a soul, a couple views and some likes / Kids killing kids just for some stripes”).

Fantasia's “Holy Ghost” party will find a home on Sketchbook, which is scheduled to drop on October 11th. The track joins power ballad “Enough,” traditional gospel number “Looking For You” and trap soul song “PTSD” on the tracklist. Tasia looks to have all bases covered on her first independent album. You can catch the spirit along with Fantasia and friends Tank, Robin Thicke and The Bonfyre on The Sketchbook Tour, starting October 17th in Columbia, South Carolina.

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