H.E.R. & YG ‘Slide’ Through With A Banger

Everyone’s favorite sunglass-wearing singer H.E.R. teams up with Kehlani’s bae YG for a slinky new joint about riding out with your boo thang entitled “Slide." The duo premiered the track at the Lights On Festival earlier this month, and now we’ve got the official release.

“Slide” is a slow-tempo jam that finds H.E.R. and YG hitting switches in a tricked out whip and riding around the city together without a care in the world. The track starts with YG buttering up the songstress. “You always wearing them glasses. You don’t want to let no sucker looking you in your eyes, huh? Better show off them eyelashes,” he flirtatiously spits. H.E.R. follows up with clever lyrics of her own, singing, “All you wanna do is gas me / How we end up in the backseat?” on the first verse. The track then takes off, with H.E.R. sharing a tale of two lovers in the fast lane and down for each other to the end over a melodic production of guitar licks, drums and bass.

This new single comes on the heels of H.E.R.’s recently released album I Used To Know Her, a compilation of her I Used To Know Her EPs with a few new tracks, and collaborations with DRAM and YBN Cordae. Since winning big at the GRAMMY Awards earlier this year, H.E.R. has been mighty prolific and shows no signs of slowing down. Hear how she keeps it moving on "Slide," and bump this one in your own ride.

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