Lucky Daye Lays Himself Bare In ‘Love You Too Much’

It seems like everybody, their mama and their play cousin has dropped a new album this year. With so many new releases, we know it's hard to keep up. One album that we keep coming back to, however, is Lucky Daye's soulful debut Painted. The project from the newcomer has a song for every mood and more than a few bops that have stayed on repeat at SBHQ. Lucky has also been blessing us in the video department, dropping clips for "Roll Some Mo" and "Real Games." His latest visual, a video for the romantic track "Love You Too Much," is sure to be just as appealing — especially for his fans of the female persuasion.

As with previous outings, the clip focuses on both style and performance. It opens with a tight close-up of the singer laying in the lap of a luxuriously dressed vixen. It soon switches to a performance setup, with Lucky standing in front of an old-school mic as he pours his heart out in front of his band. Only this time around the singer's torso is bare, revealing all kinds of well-defined musculature that's sure to ignite a million crushes on the budding R&B star. Though it's hard to remove our eyes from his physique, the video doesn't simply linger there as it hints at what's transpired romantically between Lucky and his Afro'd leading lady, adding a bit of emotional heft to the proceedings.

If we're being honest, Lucky Daye's sex appeal is enough to have us watching this one on repeat. The stylishly emotional story, though, is what really has us coming back for more, however.