SoulBounce Exclusive: JSOUL & Sy Smith Want To Make You ‘Shine’

Just because summer's over doesn't mean that all the good vibes have to be done. In fact, as fall ushers in more mellow moods, it's safe to say that the vibes are really just beginning. JSOUL is one artist that's making sure they go around all year long and he's recruited our girl Sy Smith in the effort, featuring the indie soul queen on his latest effort "Shine."

If you should ever need a reason to smile, we highly recommend adding "Shine" to your playlists. It is about as positive as a song can be. JSOUL creates a bright, happy soundbed filled with twinkling keys, hi-hats, atmospheric synths and jazzy horns that automatically lifts the worst of moods. This leaves room for Sy to work her musical magic as she spreads joy via her dulcet tones and optimistic lyrics. "Don't go blind, don't lose focus," she sings at one point. "You will find that it's hopeless / To dwell in the dullness of negativity / You could shine / We could shine / We all should shine."

"Shine" is the lead single from JSOUL's upcoming album Neutronic Suite, which promises even more good vibes to come when it releases on November 1st. Catch a positive vibe by checking out SoulBounce's exclusive premiere of "Shine" below and be sure to pick the single up when it arrives in stores this Friday.

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