Tawiah Is Ready To Cross ‘Borders’ For Love

(Photo Credit: Studio Myrrh)

It's difficult to believe, but British singer-songwriter Tawiah has never released a proper album. Yes, the mega-talent who has entertained us for over a decade with her heartfelt soul stylings has only offered up EPs over the years. That will change this fall, however, as she will release her official debut Starts Again. But before she drops off the long-awaited project, she's giving a reason to be anxious for its arrival with her newest single "Borders."

"Borders" departs a bit from the songs found on her most recent EP, 2017's Recreate (which she updated with a deluxe edition the following year). Rather than the synth-heavy sounds found there, Tawiah opts for a more organic and acoustic feel, with a bass riff and guitar leading the way across a classic-feeling drum beat as she sings about long-distance love and her willingness to cross land and seas for love. "I don't care about the borders / I've got to have you / Wherever it takes me," she sings on the chorus as a full and bright piano joins the musical mix. "I know that there are so many others / But I'm crossing borders / Waters / To see your face again." The romantic notion of the song and musical production is only elevated by superb vocal arrangement as she brings it all home to let her love know that not even distance can come between them.

We might have spent more than a decade in waiting, but it looks like Starts Again will be a musical journey well worth the wait. You can pre-order the upcoming album — which will drop in the UK on October 18th and the US on November 1st — via Bandcamp and listen to Tawiah's latest single below.

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