Cousin Shows Us All Their Love In The Visual For ‘Drew’s Song’

When we last left off with Cousin, the group was showing us the difference between expectations and reality when it comes to romance in the video for their song "Easy." The romantic track is definitely a favorite from their Cousin, Vol. 1 EP, but it isn't the only track that deserves a listen or the visual treatment. That's why our favorite Cousin got back in front of the camera to give us the visual to their enchanting ballad "Drew's Song."

The song — which is named for and produced by Avery*Sunshine's daughter Drew — is an achingly romantic track with a slow burn quality to it. With something that sounds so pure, there's no use in complicating the visual with anything too fussy. To that effect, Cousin's Rob Milton and Kreion take center stage in the video as the camera captures them in tranquil settings. We see them among nature, with the muted green of trees acting as their backdrop. We see them among the remnants of buildings, the warmth of the song seemingly filling up the vacant spaces. We even see their profiles against the restless blue of a bright sky. Though these shots don't advance a narrative, they do evoke the mood of the song — which is sparse yet inviting and lush yet simple in approach.

Cousin once again captivates with this one and leaves us wondering what they'll bring us next. Might we suggest a clip for "Bpm 69"? Just sayin'.

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